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Our Team

At Vospers Funeral Home our funeral directors are very much a part of the community, and are passionate about providing a professional and caring service. They have extensive experience in the funeral service and are available at any time to talk through your options with you.

Vospers Team

Mike Aro


Mike started his funeral career in 1979 in Auckland, working for 8 years as a Funeral Director and Embalmer. He achieved the Certificate in Funeral Services in 1983 after completing qualifications in both disciplines. After a short stint as a full-time Ambulance Officer, he joined the Central Institute of Technology, Trentham as the first full-time Tutor of Funeral Services, a position he held for two years. In 1992 he joined the NZ Police and served for 25 years, transferring to Taranaki in 1998. He retired from Police in 2017 and took on the role of Manager of Vospers at that time.
Mike has found that although the way funerals are organised has changed markedly in the past 40 years, the way that individuals experience grief has not. The raw hurt that results from losing someone you love often has a profound effect on your life and we as Funeral Directors have a responsibility to ensure that we provide services and guidance worthy of this high calling.

Jacqueline Cox


Jacqueline started her funeral career at Vospers Funeral Services in 2013 after a very successful career as a Travel Consultant and Manager. She brought with her a keen eye for detail and a vast array of organisational ability, which complemented the Embalming and Funeral Directing skills she learned. She studied at Weltec and graduated as a qualified Embalmer in 2016 and a qualified Funeral Director in 2019. She had the distinction of being the top student of her Funeral Directing course, an achievement that is a testimony to her empathy and skill, as much as her determination and was a reflection of her hard work.
Jacqueline’s over-arching philosophy is that she will do everything in her power to ensure every person she works with will be able to wake up the morning after the funeral having no regrets. It is about being able to make a difference in people’s lives.

Janine Austin


Janine started at Vospers Funeral Services in 2019, having already worked for 10 years in Taranaki as a Funeral Director and Embalmer. She originally started her funeral career in 2009 after 30 years nursing and management experience, which predominantly came from nursing in aged care facilities. Immediately prior to becoming a Funeral Director she managed Thornleigh Park Rest Home for five years. She transferred her extensive people and organisational skills and quickly found her niche in funeral care. After studying at Weltec she graduated as a qualified Embalmer in 2011 and a qualified Funeral Director in 2016.
Janine’s driving passion is to create an environment of genuine care for our families so she can work beside them ensuring she understands what they would like and meeting their needs of honouring the life of their loved one.

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